Well, she’s back. After 11 years, the ole Bag Witch has returned. In yet another shameless attempt to make some extra cash, Joe and I have decided to make Curse of the Bag Witch available for download from our website http://www.toxicbag.com. So for a measly $1.50 you (that’s right you!) can now a piece of, um, gaming history…

Since my erudite colleague Joe Griffin has already covered the whole sordid history of the “Bag Witch” franchise, I will not repeat any of it and simply ask that you read his blog at http://toxicbag.wordpress.com/

Now I’m sure the first question that all of you are asking is “Steve, how did you know about the word ‘erudite’ and more importantly, use it in a sentence correctly?” Answer: the internet is wonderful thing. You can find movie show times, word definitions, and porn. Everything a growing boy needs…

Now, I’m sure that you have many more questions. However, since this is NOT a question and answer kind of format- I’m not really interested.

I did think that I would talk a little about our decision to go with Curse instead of the actual Bag Witch movie.

The simple answer is Curse is a much better film. Bag Witch was a gimmick that we never planned or expected anyone to actually sit and watch from beginning to end. It was supposed to play on a tiny monitor in a huge convention hall and hopefully pull people to our booth. Had we known that it would be a crazy runaway hit that would be shown to full houses and selling over 300 copies on VHS, we would have put MUCH more time and effort into making a funny complete film.

So, Curse became that film. We worked in a lot more jokes, and more importantly, got some actual actors to appear in it. Alan Vuchichevich and Dan Hitzemann give hilarious performances as a local DJ and the confused, but hungry Milwaukee sheriff respectively!

Joe Griffin (that erudite guy again!) also pulled of some magic by creating the amazing graphics that appear throughout the film. I’d say something like “and then we cut to a cool graphic thing here” and he’d say “ok” and then several days later, he would show me the graphic he had worked up and it would be freaking awesome.

The bottom line is that Curse of the Bag Witch, the best part of the whole Bag Witch thingy is now available for download.

And it’s only $1.50.

Give it a look.

Seriously, I need the money…