Space Monster Play Test After Action Report

August 12, 2011

Date: 8/7/11

Play Tester Game Playing Level: High

The Crew player began the game cautiously, only sending out the engineers Milton and Britt to attempt to fix the damage in Cargo Hold Two while the Captain went to the Computer Room to consult the ship’s Computer. The Monster, only at Stage Zero of it’s life cycle, spent the turn hiding from the crew and attempting several unsuccessful attempts at damaging several of the sections located on C and D deck.

The majority of the Crew continued to remain in the Hibernation room constructing electrical prods to fight the monster. This strategy backfired when a door malfunction occurred (thanks to a SM Event play) and the affected room was randomly determined to be the Hibernation room – trapping 4 crew members for the rest of the turn.

The Crew spent this time deciding to form into teams (Crew Event) and constructing high strength nets. Again the Space Monster spent the turn down on the lower decks, this time damaging the Engine room.

Turns three and four saw the Crew start making a concerted effort to hunt down the Space Monster. They also managed to repair the Engine room. But the monster proved to be elusive and avoided detection, while continuing its attempts to damage the ship. Finally, the Monster attacked two crew members in the Engine room and killed Navigator Hamm. The end of turn four saw the player decks expand to 40 cards (which happens after the first death of the Crew) and the Monster evolve to stage one.

The Crew spent most of turn five performing damage control – managing to keep the number of damaged compartments down to three. The monster, playing an Event card, evolved to stage 2, An ominous sign.

Turn six saw the game come to a violent and bloody conclusion. The Captain, went into the air ducts in an attempt to flush out the monster (again a Crew Event), and almost succeeded, dying at the final moment. The Monster, then began attacking the Crew and in two separate attacks, wiped out the remaining five Crew members, several dying after getting hit by the monster’s toxic blood (one of the attributes the Monster player chose for this game).

Game Result: Major Space Monster Victory

While a good time was had by all, both players agreed that since this was the first game, they were trying things just to learn the rules and game mechanics rather than for optimal strategy. The next time around, both vowed to focus on winning the game. We shall see…

Click here for more information on SPACE MONSTER.


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